Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring/New Outfits - Models xx

Hey guys, new models, new theme/outfits! Yaaaaaaay

First model: rue03

Hair: Urban Blossom Hair by AutumnLight
Top: Floral Goddess Top
Pants/Skirt: Damsel Skirt
Shoes/Heels: Diamond Kitty Heels

My next model is: iwin

Hair: Long Ponytail
Top: Epic Croptop
Pants/Skirt: Romper Shorts
Shoes/Heels: Tasseled Boots

My next model is: Brittnie101a
Hair: BohoSpring Hair by KaTaRiNaSParKz
Top: BohoSpring Shawl by KaTaRiNaSParKz
Pants/Skirt: WNS Pop Shorts
Shoes/Heels: Spring Ankle Sandals

My next model is: XMizSaraSparksX

Hair: CUTIEster Ponytail with Bow
Top: MESSYster T-Shirt with Suspenders
Pants/Skirt: WNS Pop Shorts
Shoes/Heels: Damsel Heels

My last model is: lillytrescotgirl!
Hair: Flower Crown in the Wind
Top: Flame CropTop
Pants/Skirt: Spring Blossom Shorts
Shoes/Heels: *Unknown*


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