Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hacking vs. Scamming

I have been a Woozen for 4 years now, and throughout my 4 years I have seen a lot of attempts by WoozWorld to stop hackers and scammers. Unfortunately, I have also seen a lot of people throw around the words hackers and scammers incorrectly. So I am here to give you a brief history on WoozWorld and the difference between hacking and scamming.

Let's start with some definitions:

Hacking (ha-k-eng) verb:
1. The act of logging on to an account other than your own without permission from the owner of the account.
2. Changing information within WoozWorld servers to get a desired result.
3. Altering your own information within WoozWorld servers to achieve a certain purpose.

Scamming (sk-am-eng) verb:
1. The act of promising another user something, then not giving them what they were promised.
2. Unfairly exchanging goods with someone knowing they are not of equal value.

The reason I have to give these definitions is because people don't know the difference! 

Back when I was a new Woozen, there was no trade feature. If you wanted to exchange items with someone, you had to go to your Unitz and put up an item in your Shop Podz for free, and then go to their Unitz and do the same.

Obviously, this made it extremely easy to scam. All you had to do was go to the other Woozen's Unitz first then log out after getting your item. I was scammed like this once because I was a total noob, and I actually still have messages from the incident.

My computer was laggy and I didn't feel like waiting for the "years ago" to load, but it was 4 years ago. I really wish I could show you the message I sent, though. I was sooooo mad.

Then they added trading and people were getting scammed less, but scammers still found a way to glitch the system. I'd rather not get into that, but it is now fixed.

Last year, someone hacked the WoozWorld servers and added new variations of existing items, and they were extremely easy to come by. I still have about 25 of each of the most popular hacked items.

But here's the main question, how do you avoid hacking and scamming?

1. People whose Wallz say "trusted" shouldn't always be trusted. You can delete posts to your Wallz. Lots of scammers and hackers are able to continuously scam and hack because they're good at it. They make friends with elite Woozens or WoozGuidz. (RIP WoozGuidz) That way the people who actually should be trusted are telling you to trust someone who shouldn't be trusted. Then when Woozens who have been scammed complain, the scammer tells the WoozGuide that they were lagging and logged out, but they meant to give the scammed Woozen their stuff.

Lola was just scammed by Sabrina, and she's reporting it to Dylan. It looks like this:

Sabrina: Dylan! You have to ban Lola! She promised to give me the answer for an Esq face, then she left without giving me the answer!

Lola: I'm so sorry! My computer was lagging and I had to log out!

Sabrina: No she didn't! I know she left on purpose!

Dylan: I've known Lola for a while now, I'm sure she didn't scam you. I promise she will give you your answer.

[Dylan leaves]

See? It's really easy to get scammed because scammers know what they're doing.

2. Don't use ANY websites advertising free stuff in exchange for your log-in info. The Yeti advises you not to enter information into websites offering free furniture, but let's be honest, who would use a third-party website to get furniture?? Just avoid all of these websites because 99% of them are scams, and it's going to be pretty difficult to find that 1%.

3. 99% of "free $10 WoozWorld gift cards" are fake.

Remember: STAY SAFE! 

I asked you guys last time if you would like me to continue coloring my words, and 2 of you said you did, and nobody said they didn't!! So yay! Coloring!

Signing off, I'm SarahWooz: Official Blogger

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