Monday, April 6, 2015

The sweetest woozworld ;)

HIIIII spiess ;) Juliettelax here :p well as many of us know WOOZWORLD APP FOR WOOZWORLD IS COMMING FOR ANDROID THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am really excited, since i dont have apple items, my phone and tablet are android, i really can´t wait for this and more about the "special event" that will have owners of a blog there!!!!!!!!!!! (max post) as many know, when woozworld app for apple was launched many people started to use it, more the people that they computers don´t work anymore or they are on vacations etc, etc. But for the people that DONT HAS APPLE this maybe is the best update of woozworld app they ever had made, so guys keep watching and woozworld for android will be more soon than you think ;)
                                                        KEEP FAB my woozworld spies ;)

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