Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Video contest!!

Hey guys o3o.Bleaty here.Today if you noticed on woozworld,Jenny has a weekly video contest again.The video theme is spring:And here are the rules you must follow to have your video applicable.First go to the unitz: Video Challenge.

So you can't have your video less than 20 seconds,and more than 1 minute in length.This contest ends on Monday April 13th BEFORE Midnight.I think you can obviously put your video in at 12:01 because that's only 1 minute off xD  Some tips I would suggest looking at other won video contests in the past,to see what your up against.Try making it funny maybe :L If it's mostly just in one unitz that could get boring,But you know,it's up to you.I bet your videos will be amazing!!

I also got some messages asking what my YT Channel,FB Etc.I don't have Facebook,Instagram,Snap-chat or stuff like that.My youtube channel is: AnimeBleaty.I edit with Pizap,MP Paint,paint net,and Pixlr.I hope that helped for some of you.Anyways that's mostly off of this topic,I'll see you guys soon! :3 Byee!

Bleaty signing out.

NeverGiveUp  -Bleaty

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