Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wacky Wednesday Fashion Outfits xx!

New Wacky Wednesday! I love the outfits!!! Also, I got some models for this week! The first is... ME (Cooly-Backup) XD

This outfit is the full outfit of Wacky Wednesday! It's awesome!
Hair: Backward Cap and Shades
Top: Lifeguard with Backpack
Pants: Palm Tree Bermuda Shorts
Shoes: Flip-Flops with Ankle
The next model is Magictoothpick!

This outfit has the top and shoes of Wacky Wednesday
Hair: Casual Beanie
Top: Lifeguard with Backpack
Pants: Equestrian pants for Him
Shoes: Flip-Flops with Ankle
My last model is Revolutionary!
This is the girls dress of Wacky Wednesday!
Hair: Stylish Ballerina Hair
Dress: Strapless Summer Dress
Pants: Classic Minishorts
Shoes: Multicolored shoes
Bye guys, I'll see you soon with Blogs with Cooly!

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