Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Woozguide FIRED?!

Hey Spies! Pop here! And one thing I'm going to be talking about is something that's been buzzing around Woozworld today is something I pretend a little shocking:

A Woozguide was FIRED?!

So apparently, a Woozguide (whom I shall not name, c'mon, you probably know already) was dating a hacker, and of course yesterday we already saw the warning, so I guess those are the consequences.

In more enlightening news, Mya posted something called (the virtual) Kylie Jenner Challenge xD I personally think it's pretty funny, PLUS~ she hid a spoiler of the new outfits! :D

Go Mya! Rocking those lips xD

Anyways Spies, that's all for now!

~Pop (New Signoff Pic, Shoutout to Queen and Cappy!)

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