Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#WooztasticTrends: Tile Question Mazes and Cracking Codes!

Hello spies, Sierra again!
Third trial blogger post (-:
Lately Woozworld (without letting anyone know about this latest update) has held a new trend, so I call them the #WooztasticTrends portion from Woozworld Spies! 
(Anyone is free to use the #WooztasticTrends hashtag for trending Woozworld things)
If you all have noticed with those really cool, "OMG! I want to seriously hang out here!" eyes in Places (which is basically everyone) there's just one thing that is catching everyone's eye.

Mazes and Codes.

Yes, my amazing spies, mazes and codes have soon become the latest craze in the "Hot Now" section in Places. 
For example, here were a few maze/code games:

All you guys simply need is either a Shop Podz or tile that can take you to a different part of the Unitz, as I will show you the amazing secret behind these two new popular games.

1. Click edit mode in any of your Unitz.
2. This is my hot as heck Shop Podz Mannequin. Simply drag your mouse on the mannequin and select the button at the end, looks like a key.
3. Yeah, it's not that obvious. Simply click that button and you will be prompted with a box.
4. Click the box next to "Use Password?" or else people will be able to get inside your Shop Podz or teleport tile without any questions asked! You will then be able to create some crazy questions!

Here's a short key to help you guys if you do not understand:
Question: This will be shown up when they first click on the shop podz or tile. This is what you will ask them. As an example, I simply asked a question about Rosie.
Password: This will be the answer to the question.
Feedback Message: This message will be shown if he/she gets the question wrong.
5. CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOX WHEN DONE. Exit out of edit mode and test it out by clicking on your Shop Podz or tile.

*Please note guys, that some crack the codes or mazes can usually be a scam. For example, when some questions may seem hard very greedy people (usually the creator) can say, "Trade me rares and I will give you hints." I was testing out maze question games and one of them got a woozen scammed right in front of my eyes. He soon deleted the unitz and then I had lost connection right after, so I never caught the owner's name. 

Until next time woozens!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

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