Friday, May 29, 2015

Prom 2k15- Full Coverage (With Pictures)

Hey Spies! It's Rosie, and this is full coverage of Prom 2k15! <3 At one point (the highest I noticed), there were 1,097 woozens attending!
TIP: CLick to zoom in x)
 I have a lot of pictures of the night, so I'll go ahead and show you those! xD


     A fashion tip from the Queen herself

 The Woozband also told us about the afterparty contest :P All you had to do is:


Create an afterparty using the neon rave unitz~
The unitz that recieves the most votes throughout
the weekend will get a trophy next week ;)

Next was the Princess and Prince!
 The Princess is....                                          and...                                   The Prince is...
EpicHoper!                                                                                                             Josephado

Congratulations you two! x3

And for the moment almost EVERYONE has been witing for...
The King and Queen!
*Before I go into this don't get mad if you weren't picked, the Woozband did there best :)
The Queen is....                                                 and                                             The King is...


And just about now is when Zeena shows up xD 
Congratulations! x) (But seriously, how did she make it on the ballot o-o)
And Mya's final response to her:
Haha xD Mya-1 Zeena-0
 And that's when Zack comes in! Acting all gentlemen-like as usual x3
(Could Jack/Zenny finally begin to set set sail?)
-Cue dramatic music- I'll show you what happened in order:
Jay tries to be a wingman, but Max won't budge ;-;
And this was me the whole time:
Aw poor Zack ;( After he tried so hard, but you gotta agree with Jay, this is like a drama xD At least he's still a gentlemen :') Who knows what will happen in the future x)
Thus, the night concluded... except for the afterparties ;D

Well, I hope I helped you if you weren't here!
Until next time! x3

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