Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tutorial: How to be faceless on Woozworld! (Works as of January 2k16)


                 it's me...

                                    I was wondering..

If you wanted to learn how to be faceless!

Hi, I'm Cooly-Backup, the magical flawless cute (you know the point) woozen of mint. In this blog, I will show you how to be.....

Faceless! Ok, you must need the following to do this:

1) A transferable face
2) A partner/second account
3) Closet on Woozworld.

Let's begin!

1) The first step is to trade your partner or let them trade you, either way it works. 

**(I can't take any snapshots, my 
computer won't open it, sorry) :(

2) You will put a transferable face. I recommend you DON'T trade a doll face, dolloween face, or esq face, unless it's a really trustworthy friend or your backup. Try using one of the VIP faces (VIP Happy, Sad, and Angry [male or female, doesn't matter]).

3) Go to the closet of Woozworld (the hanger button near the Inventory and Marketplace button) and go to faces.

4) Wear the face you put in the trade. 
**It must be THE face you put in the trade, or it won't work.

5) Confirm the trade (have sure it's the same face).

6) Refresh.

7) Enjoy being faceless, like Slenderman.

....Look behind you.

Ok, no stop it Cooly. Get a hold of yourself. :(! Ok, so hope it helped. Stay safe, have fun. XOXO, Cooly-BackUp.

*Btw, Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and Happy New Years*

Yes, it's Miku -3-, don't judge me :(

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