Friday, July 3, 2015

Back On Topic Now Don't Worry Lol

                Hey Spies!:D Syd Here (Running For Guide As Well) <3
I Remembered how i couldn't find any unitz i found this girl who i forgot was such a great friend to me, and i was looking at her unitz i was like there are really great!!! ill put some pics of her unitz as well her user name is <<Love538>> She's fab in unitz and clothing! :O we have a double winner lol i also have seen another girl who i never gave credit to! Dx and im sorry about that one her user is <<QueenRosie1>>, Rosie your style choices are just are fabulous! and i should have already put you up!D; like her unitz as well she puts so much work into them and they look great!:D this is my last post to complete as a trial blogger today so if i don't stay in thanks for letting me have the oppurtunity to just meet the team and work with you guys!:) and if i am in im looking forward to being in the family <3 ive only chose two winners because they have done their best i think :) and plus i have not seen any newer styles then the one's i post. maybe because im not in woozworld as much lol but now for the pictures!:D;D
Love538 Unitz Fab? Right
Love538 Yetibux :O :D I Love It
Love538 Remodel of Mya's Unitz

now for her style <3
I Think it's her color code that makes everything look great!
Now For Rosie :D
Rosie Looking Fab :D
QueenRosie1 Herself <3
Excellent Rosie Knows her Art <3
Don't Mind Me But This Is great so cute <3

Well That's All For Today I Hope Everyone enjoy's my post's because i have worked hard offically 5/5 post's <3 i didn't make an edit but im gonna put my picture of my and +LoganWooz as my sign off picture today Bye Guys <3 :) Remeber YourPerfect- For Guide <3 2k15 Sydney Is Out xoxoxo-Syd :D congratz As Well To you rosie for the beach bonzana <3 Bye <3 Everyoneee :D and enjoy funky Friday it looks great  ;)
Sydney Out xoxoxox-Syd :D

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