Friday, July 24, 2015

WNS Design Contest Updates!

Hey Spies! It's Rosie, and I sure you saw what was going on on WoozIn today xD If you don't, I here to fill you In! c; Today, Mya started giving us hints on who the finalists would be for the WNS Design Contest! I found a bunch of them on Instagram, so I'll be sharing those with oh! x3

Mandisimo: The outfit you submitted to girls' WNS is honestly one of my top faves. The cowl-necked top with bandeau underneath, the sparkly shorts... Absolutely fit for a star! xx ~MyaWooz

MintyW: Zendaya-inspired top is GOALS. Your outfit is one of our finalists for WNS! xx ~MyaWooz

deanfifie: Your Kpop-inspired boys' outfit for WNS has so much amazing detail. Like I officially love you forever xx ~MyaWooz

WeeklyChris: Jenny loves your TSwift-inspired cocktail dress. It's one of our cutest design contest finalists! xx ~MyaWooz

Hystory: When I get to wear your WNS submission. Goals. Your outfit is one of our finalists! xx ~MyaWooz

Azeri-Girl: K-pop and anime may own your soul; that dress you submitted on Insta owns mine. Your outfit is a finalist under consideration! xx ~MyaWooz

frienflykitty: Thanks for including your inspirations in your boys' WNS submission! Jay especially loves your outfit; it's a strong contender for production xx

Juliean123: That crop top you submitted for WNS is breaking my heart fr. Your outfit is one of our finalists! xx ~MyaWooz
zkatx: Fall Out Boy should be proud that they inspired your WNS submission - it's one of our finalists! xx ~MyaWooz
Thorns: Fabulous job on your girls' WNS design contest submission! The longsleeved crop-top and pencil skirt look is something I can totally get behind. Your outfit is one of our top contenders for production! xx ~MyaWooz

Zelda989: Your submission to the design contest was one of our most creative entries; the top is something I would love to see in Woozworld. Definitely one of our finalists! xx ~MyaWooz

W.O.W. These woozens are very talented.. xD Best o luck to all of them in getting their designs made <3 c: REMINDER: These aren't all the designs, just some that I found under the hashtag: #wzwsuperstar2015 (Click here to see some others!)
Until next time ;w;

xoxo ~Rosie

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