Friday, April 10, 2015

New outfits ;)

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Juliettelax here ;)
well as many know yesterday new outfits did appear on store and today i will rate and talk a little bit about them ;):
1.Laurel outfit :)

1.Laurel hair: 7/10. Actually it matches the outfit but with other garments...... im not to sure i think woozworld didnt see that with the time people matches items of different outfits and maybe this hair wont work always :/
2.Top: 10/10 OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG AWESOME I did waited a long time for a top like this, its cute, sweet and idk I just love it +-+
3.Shorts 9/10 The shorts are cute, they matches the outfit, but as well it happens the same with the hair idk if it could match with other garments, but with the outfit looks FAB
4.Shoes 6/10 Are cute but simple, idk they are like other pair of shoes that people will forgot :/
                                                          Well lets move tooooooooooo.....
2.Dahlia outfit:
1.Hair 10/11 Yes i did put 11 because in some way i luv it but i think idk, i saw it with the rest of Laurel outfit and it matches perfectly, I like it, but more with the other outfit :/
2.Dress 8/10 Its cute tbh i like it, but its not my style tbh, for you that like more the dresses or this style of clothes its cute but for me...... idk i need something else :/
3. Skirt 8/10 is the same as bottom of dress so why to continue :p
4.Shoes 7/10 i like them but the thing like at the toes idk it would be better for me that all stay the same and not add that :/
                                                          Now boys outfits :)
1.Nightshade outfit
1.Hair 7/10 since im a girl its hard to me to rate boys outfits but idk i thik it looks weird this outfit :/
2.Top 8/10 i like the design i think this remember me to the bottom of mya dress xD but i dont like tattos so thats why the 8
3.Shorts 7/10 they are a normal boy shorts :P
4.Shoes 6/10 i think i saw this shoes a MILLION of times :P
                                                  Now with...............Snapdragon outfit

1.Hair: 6/10 i dont like hair tbh, it dont looks good with the outfit, well thats my opinion.
3.Pants: 8/10 i like them but they are like a normal pants :p
4.Shoes 6.5/10 they are not bad but they look like other shoes......
                                                      Well thats all for today :)
                                                  KEEP FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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