Saturday, September 5, 2015

Star Of The Week Winners (No Interview Sorry, that's Sierra's job)

Hello my cute little spies, it is I! Your favorite mint bunny, Cooly! Here's a little update with my posts!

I will post on mostly weekends as much as I can, and on days off from school. So that's why the lack of posts. But don't worry, I won't abandoned this blog. Why would I?

Anyway! Today's post from your favorite mint bunny is SOTW winners. There is no interview because that's Sierra's job. Speaking of Sierra...

That's her! Yup. She won SOTW! I thought her. Of course, I didn't place. I was a watermelon. Not really. My color code was.

What was the theme?

The SOTW for this week was the August outfits, or WNS outfits. But, the color had to be pink. Any shade. Dark pink, light pink, neon pink, pastel pink, etc. Sierra did just that, but made it work. Even though Sierra won, David her love bird didn't. He did great though.

Here's the others who placed!


This is Kiara917. She didn't get second or third. She got runner-up. Not first, but not second. She was wearing Jenny's floral dress/heels with the new VIP hair. It's simply flawless! Let's get to our second place winners.

2nd Place(s):

This is Chase-Yolo-. He got second place. He wore a mixture of the Rock outfit "R5" that was wore by Max and other Ze-Chic and exclusive items. He was the only boy who got second place. I loved this outfit. Let's get to our other second place.

I couldn't find much info about the other second place winner, but her name was "lyk4a". Her profile picture was invisible and her wall is for friends only. But her outfit was the new VIP girl hair fixed the the outfits that Jay and Mya wore during the Woozen designs.

Third Place(s):

Same thing with with "lyk4a", I couldn't get a picture. The third place winner was XxSilverWingsxX. I don't really remember what she was making. I think it was the VIP hair (flower), and the WNS Pop/Country Bundle. Not sure.

Oh my god, I'm starting to glitch. But the final person was Cossy (CosmicThunder). I knew Cossy would win! It's his code! Cossy was wearing a mixture of the outfit "R5" and ze-chic, as you can see. Of course, he can work it!

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'll see you next post! By the way, stay safe in school and on Woozworld. XOXO


(Note I have been trying to edit; It'll be finish soon)

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