Tuesday, May 19, 2015

IDesignz and Glitches

Hey Spies! So as you all know every single day one member of the WoozBand host's an event.Today JayWooz will be hosting the IDesignz,now I think that today when he host's it he announces the Winner's of the Contest.
This week there wasn't only one theme.They had a bunch of song's chosen and from those song's you have to pick one and do a Unitz for it.
As I said before today they announce the winner's.There's still time for you to enter.Are you a unitz designer? Well keep reading :D
  So this part is very easy. If you would like to enter visit the Unitz 'iDesignz'
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   Then once you get there,click the green podz.I've circled it in blue so you can see.If you wan't you have a look at the song's then click the podz that i've circled in red.
My computer just crashed xD So I wasn't able to put the rules in.But the rules are writen down in the green podz.
Good luck! :D
Now on to these glitches.Everybody's been talking about how you open shopz you glitch out,open MarketPlace you glitch out.
There's glitches everywhere.For more information about the glitches,check out Rosie's post on it.
Remember to message Mod747 about the glitches!
That's all for today Spies!

Keep calm and Princescajor! :D

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