Saturday, May 23, 2015

SOTW Fashion Advice!

Hey everyone!
So today i thought i would blog some fashion tips for sotw! As its tomorrow and with a little bit of help mabye you will be able to be that special woozen!

Mix and match to the max! The judges love it when you show some creativity within your outfit! Try to make sure you dont look like any other woozens because it makes you original and stand out from the rest!

Colour codes, colour codes! Be original! Dont be basic! If you want pink hair have pink hair, if you want a green dress have a green dress, be super original and dont look like any of the others as you will stand out from the crowd!

Even though the judges are giving you a score on your outfit they also like to see someone with real sass and flipping there weaves! Just be yourself give it all you have got, and you never know it might just big you a extra point.

So i hope i gave everyone a few ideas on what to do at SOTW, and i wish you all the best of look! Also comment in the chat box what your fav event is, mine is SOTW of corse but what is yours?
Ill see you next time guys bye xx

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