Sunday, June 7, 2015

#CoffeeTalkWithSierra: Jay and Mya- #FutureCouple?

Welcome Spies to another round of #CoffeeTalkWithSierra.
After days of trying to find a topic to coffee it about (Apparently it's hard to find good topics of coffee on.) but if you sit in a event without being in queue for 3 hours people like to talk about the host (the Woozband/animator)

And that's when I realized that this week's Coffee Talk could be about not one but two Woozband animators who seem to be put into a little "friend zone".. and no, it is definitely not Zack and Jenny because that ship ranked (and that Zack showed his anger at Jousting about her through the angry emo.)

We are talking about today on JayWooz and MyaWooz and their little ooooh.

A few of you have noticed that Jay and Mya seem to be edging closer ever since Prom 2K15 (And Jenny and Zack- OH WHATEVER!)
And now more people are adding onto this after the latest VIP Style Scoop where these following pictures were happening:

I found this topic oh so cute!
In my opinion, this is a MUST SHIP. Mya and Jay better get together soon otherwise I might freak out over this! They look like lovebirds every since day one I met them o. I just can't right now and it took me forever to do my coffee talk because I'm speechless about this! What do you think about this, Spies?


By the way, I still ship Jenny and Max, I just wished she wasn't so heartbroken ;-;

Until next time, guys!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

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