Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#FashionBoosters: VIP Style Scoop #2

 Welcome guys to another round of #FashionBoosters! As you can see, Rosie has posted already about the second annual VIP Style Scoop but however let's just a glitch occurred 30 minutes before the VIP Style Scoop, which allowed woozens to leave and then come back into the unit..
And apparently yours truly got to join in the Fashion Fun instead of queue- #WOOPWOOP
And let's just say we have plenty of pics for you to see from this crazy yet fun event!

MyaWooz hosted again today, but this time without anyone, not even Jay! First everyone did seem a little sad because of this ship that was coming alive, and so Mya decided to model the boy outfits for us!
Mya first started out with the girl outfits much to everyone's agreement to it.

This was the Girl Store outfit.
(May's outfit hopefully) But however, people who were standing in the unit got this result..
I think I was frightened for a short moment along with many other people but we all shipped it as Mya x Bald... Whoops. #GlitchFail I almost literally thought that was the outfit!
But oh well, even a Fashion Queen has her odd moments!
But here's the exclusive VIP girl outfit if you buy VIP (Sadly I renewed my VIP yesterday so I'm really hoping they have it by July 9th, crie)
I commented that it looked like not only the princess Rapunzel (That's why she said "-lets down hair-) but also that this looked definitely like a good Jenny outfit, she replied with this comment:
Yes, definitely free-spirited Jenny. #PrincessJenny2K15

Now it came for the boys. Here was the following Boy Outfit, which everyone soon pointed out it was a real Max outfit. Why, you may ask? Cactus. #CactusMax
Mya didn't really notice that until we said so, oh my!

Now there was the Boy-VIP outfit if you buy VIP.. Isn't it cute?!
#ItsAJayOutfit I like the little quiff and the shirt, definitely a Jay Win-Win!

After Mya modeled let's just say I had a lot of selfies with Mya, not to mention we all took a large squad pic, but because I felt really lazy I cropped it by zooming in oops.
But don't worry, I even got a better picture..

"Hey Mya, can you say Woozworld Spies?!"

Woohoo, I should've asked Jenny today during Chat Room to do that as well, but oh well, it's good we got a fashion queen to say it, after all, we really think of fashion! xD

Until next time, Spies!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."
x - New Sign Off Pic Soon! - x

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