Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fun Summer "DIY's" and Activities

Hey guys, meganisawesome3 here with some amazing DIY's to make your summer even better! You may have seen my last post about what's 'hot' this summer but this post will be more about what you can do. So let's begin!

Now something that has really intrigued me in summer 2k15 is that a lot of people are using paint in their activities! I ended up discovering some cool activities that you can do.

Paint Activities:

  1. Paint Twister!
  • You may be wondering - 'what?' but paint Twister is a simple in fun activity to try. It's just like regular twister where you spin a wheel and do 'right hand red!' or 'left foot green!' but the 'twist' (see what I did there ;)) Is that you buy yellow, red, green, and blue paint and add drops of paint to the corresponding colors. Just make sure that when you're playing, where something you don't mind getting dirty ;) Personally, I would take a solid white or semi-white t-shirt because when you're done, you'll have a "tie dye" masterpiece! 
    2. Paint Filled Water Balloon Fight!
  • Once again, for this activity I recommend wearing something you won't mind getting paint all over it because you could end up with a paint masterpiece. All you do for this activity is take regular water balloons and fill them up with colored paint! It's that simple! You can correspond the color of paint to the water balloon or not, entirely your choice. 
Safety: I guess summer is a time where you can go wild and crazy, but that doesn't mean you can't be safe. When you're doing these paint activities (maybe not for Paint Twister but recommended) wear some sort of goggles or something that can protect your eyes. The not only the paint but the impact of the water balloons could damage your eyes. Also make sure to check the labels! Make sure that the paint is safe and non toxic. Even make sure that it's something that won't irritate your skin.

"Tattoos": I think everyone is pretty familiar with the tattoos everyones wearing these days, like the gold and silver ones? The ones that look like bracelets or necklaces and they can even be tattoos for your fingers? Anyways I think you get the point. But if you can't afford these or just think that I'll use one once and be done, this is a good trick for you.
  • Take clear nail polish before you go to the pool or outside and draw a picture on your hand or arm and let it dry, then just tan! When you're done tanning, and you peel off the nail polish from your skin you'll have whatever picture that you painted! It's amazing! 
  • I learned this trick from a couple of parents and they say it works great! 
Safety: Before you go out and do this, be sure to check with an adult to see if it's okay. MAKE SURE TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON BEFORE ATTEMPTING! Girls and guys, we all want that beautifully tanned skin but you can still get it with sunscreen. Protecting your skin is more important that the tone of it.

Nighttime Glow: I know something elegant in the summer time at night, are the faint glows of fireflies, fires, or lanterns. But how can you get a colorful glow? This DIY can help light up the night.
  • For this DIY here are some of the supplies that are mandatory: Glass jar, fake electric or real candle (be careful with the real ones), papermache or clear drying glue (easy to paint on) and colorful or white tissue paper.
  • What you need to do is 1. Cut the tissue paper into shapes (I recommend squares or shapes but other shapes are fine as well) and lay them off to the side. 
  • Take your adhesive/papermache and paint a portion of the glass jar. Select the colors you want to use for the pattern your doing (it can also just be a collage of color) and stick them onto the adhesive. Take the adhesive/papermache and paint over top of the tissue paper to help the tissue paper stick to the jar better. Repeat until the entire jar is covered or what you would like done to it. You don't have to do this but you can even add tissue paper to the opening edges of the jar. 
  • OPTIONAL: Take glitter glue and paint over the tissue paper to give it shine. Don't worry, the glitter will stay and the glue will dry clear.
  • Now all you have to do now is add in your candle and your good to go! You can make these centerpieces at parties or even an activity to do for a party.
I hope these DIY's/activities will help you and give you some ideas of what you can do this summer! If any of these work or you have any questions about them, please don't hesitate to ask me! I'll answer them to the best of my abilities. If you have anymore DIY's you would like to share with me or anything you would like me to write a blog post on, comment below or email me at Thanks so much!


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