Friday, June 12, 2015

Flashback Friday!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, it's Menguin!
Today is Friday so I wanted to do a Flashback Friday about what it was like on Woozworld when I first joined!!

I just wanted to start out by saying that although many Woozens always complain about different updates that the animators make for Woozworld, the site has definitely improved a ton since I first started! (Well, that's my opinion anyway.)

  • First thing that has changed is the animation quality! As technology has improved, so has Woozworld. When I fist joined the site, everything was much more pixelized (totally just made up a word) than it is now. I would compare it to being like the app when it first came out, yes, that bad.

  • One of the most important things that has changed is the attitude of the Woozens online. Woozens used to be much more rude to those who were not as rich as them. I realize that some people are still like that now, but it was much worse when I first started.

  • THE FASHION!!!!!! Those Mya princess wedding dresses and Mya princess hair that are nowhere near rare anymore, those were the BIG item that everyone wanted. All of the rich people were walking around in the dress taking up to much space with their gigantic dress! The other big thing were the go-carts. The people who were wearing those were the people who were almost rich, but not quite there yet. I swear, I would walk into a unitz and there would be around 7 people wearing a go-cart as a shirt.

  • People scamming each other was a very common practice. I describe it as being like Woozens were saying, WOO HOO!! I JUST THREW MY MORALS OUT THE WINDOW!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!! There was no trade button in Woozworld. To trade with people, you would put something for free in your shop podz, and then you would go to the other person's unitz and they would put the thing that they are trading you in their shop podz as free. Hmmmmmm WHAT COULD GO WRONG????!! As you may have guessed, people would say: "Hey! We will go to your unitz first so i can get your item and then i will give you yours after!" Welllllllllll, the person who went second, they didn't get their item most of the time.
Well spies, that's all for now! 

Sandy's slippery snail sat sideways
~~ Menguin-awesome

P.S. tell me when you joined Woozworld in the comments below!

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