Friday, June 12, 2015

WOTW Winner: SierraTooCool (THE INTERVIEW!)

Hi guys, and welcome to another post by me, David!
Today not only is Mya's Late Night Show (AFTER A MILLION YEARS!!) is returning, but JennyWooz soon decided to create a mid-entertainment by doing a surprise Woozpetz of the Week! The theme was rainbow, to try and create Jenny and the judges the perfect rainbow WoozPet. However, I stayed in the Late Night Show, not getting to watch the show. But much to my dismay of not getting to see it, +JennyWooz soon later posted the winner of this week's WoozPet and owner!

It's no other than our own SierraTooCool with her pet ARThur, Art for short as Jenny uses it!
He's very colorful with those striking colors, as judges yasmin692, david037, and Ejtoto all actually gave her perfect 10's, giving Sierra a full 30 points! Woozens, this is a Woozpet Legend Rating right there!

Sierra and I soon later after Mya's Late Night Show ended were in our little tent unitz when she shortly agreed on a small interview.. Since I really needed to entertain you all.. -sigh- #SierraIsntThatHelpfulWithBlogging
And because I am so so so awesome, I have color-coded it, even though we really don't need it.. Lool.


Me: Since you kindly agreed to do an interview, let's start dude. Thanks for being my most awesome girlfriend and hanging out with me. How did you get the idea of Arthur?
Sierra: Well at first while waiting in queue in the Woozpet of the Week unitz, I began to dress up my pet. I bought the Daria Monkey, planning on doing a theme based on purple, since it apparently.. is the other color that starts with "p" as in for pink..
Me: How original, like you always are! But when I saw your WoozPet the only purple I saw was the monkey itself, why is that?
Sierra: David, I kinda got into a little error when dressing up the WoozPet.. Let's just say not only I chose the wrong accessory for the head on him, but also colored it wrong, I bought in red and yellow and immediately panicked! This wasn't what I planned the color to be at all!
Me: Buuuut...? Do tell us, Sierra.
Sierra: But it was rainbow themed, right? So I decided to mix and match the colors together. Red and yellow hair, green and blue shirt, purple monkey! Best rainbow pet ever!
Me: You honestly do a lot of thinking. How did you react when Jenny announced you had gotten the most perfect score! Three 10's, who would've guessed?!
Sierra: Actually, it was quite crazy for me! I was so happy to see my name appear in Jenny's chat bubble! David, Toto, and Yasmin were the nicest judges ever to give me that score, I can't thank them enough!
Me: How did you feel about the other pets? You came in with such style, you literally knocked some woozens off their virtual feet!
Sierra: The pets were amazing! Each of them had their very own cool confidence!
Me: Sierra, many woozens are probably asking, "How did this pet get such good scores?" Sierra, you can be a legend with a perfect score of 30 out of 30! Jk.
Sierra: When presenting either my WoozPet or myself at SOTW, I usually prepare a presentation on welcoming, and also then starting off to explain what I did. Usually when you do such things like these judges expect to know your or your pet's personality. This is one of the main things a judge looks for while rating a look. Telling them about what you did is what the judges and especially the animator look for. Judges even give higher points if an animator praises you!
Me: That seems great, Sierra! Now that you've won Woozpetz of the Week and seem to have the perfect legendary score, what are you going to do next?
Sierra: What I'm planning on doing is attending more Woozband eventz, which is what I'm already kinda doing. I'm also wanting to do my own critique and judging on pets, so I'll probably make more stops at the Woozpetz of the Week unitz and try to judge there! I also want to score a chance at SOTW, so I'm very excited to see where my Woozworld future holds for me.
Me: Sierra, we are almost done with our small interview. Is there anything you want to say before we end off?
Sierra: Be yourself and stay cute! And HASHTAG ITCHING AND SIERRA FOR LIFE! :))

Thanks for listening!

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