Monday, June 1, 2015

I am SO sorry + Video challenge + Fashion design contest + WoozWorld app updated + (To many stuff xD)

Hey Spies! X3 So I've been really busy last week and I was not able to post on my posting day's witch I AM SO SORRY for BTW. And well to make up for lost time I thought I would post like all of the new's I found out when I logged on today.

Video Challenge

So WoozWorld has they're new weekly video challenge out! Could you guess what it is? :3 I can't hold it in xD This weeks video challenge is......... TRAVELLING!
The video is all about travelling,JennyWooz said we have to make a video about witch country we would travel to and why. Here's her post:
There you have it! In JennyWooz's own words:
"Hey Woozens! Where in the world would you travel if you could? Tell us by creating an amazing video for this week's Video Challenge. Find out all you need to know by clicking on the golden Podz here. Good luck!"

I'll go to the unitz now and show you the rules :3 I didn't see a lot of flag's and I'm not sure if you can only do a video based on the country of the flags,but here they are:

I'm really bad with knowing flags xD So if you don't know any I recommend that you look for it on the internet.
I would show you the rules but unfortunately I've been in the queue FOR EVER.
Moving on ;D xD
MyaWooz finally posted a new fashion design contest! ;D If your like me then you would of screamed when you found out xD Anyway,here's her post:

There you have it. In MyaWooz's own word's:

Spring and Prom design contests have come and gone. Now it's time to show us the styles you'd like to see for summer 2015! Check out the rules in the blog and submit your design to us in the Podz in the Plaza before Thursday, June 4. Our favorite outfits will go on sale by the end of June, so you can stay stylish all summer long xx

And that's that, ( I'm so excited to enter xD) Now we're going to move on to the WoozWorld app. 

The Woozworld app has been updated,for bug fixes (No more lagging) yayyy xD Here's MaxWooz's post:

Once again,there you have it xD In MaxWooz's own word's:

Hey Woozens, we just updated our app for iOS - bugs and lags begone! xD As some of you have noticed, we added an option to make the game easier to run on older devices (less crashing yay), but it does make the game a bit more pixelated. You can change this option in the settings menu, located on the login page (it's the gear icon in the bottom right corner). Game on! XD

I actually feel like this has been the longest post I have ever done xD Yayy it's finally over no more typing xD Oh and I will not be posting tomorrow because I have a school trip until 6 pm so NO WAY xD

              That's all for today Spies!

                                                                           Keep calm and Princescajor!

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