Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EVENTching: MaxWooz Game Show!

Hey guys, David here again!
I have decided to create not only instead of interviews but also to cover events.. And I call it "EVENTching"... (I make really really weird names, ex: SierraxDavid= SAVID) So I'll just probably be doing Eventz, Interviews, and Reports, (Sierra thinks I can do good with events since I really like to go to them as well XD)

Today +MaxWooz hosted his usual Game Show- A revenge game and Crack the Code!

The Yellow team were on a roll today and won today's Revenge.
The Yellow Team Members:
crystlefire, SierraTooCool, 911Swag, and MawaddaEldenwawy

While woozens were choosing teams, I saw in queue that the Yellow team already seemed to do fine together, which means really well if you know people on your team! The Yellow team were strong competitors as all of them contributed their strengths in the game, not to mention they all worked together to "revenge" on each player. And even Max complimented that they seemed like a great team! I asked the girls about how they felt about their big win. Each of them replied:

911Swag: It was my first Woozband event I have ever came to! It was really fun working with them!
MawaddaEldenwawy: THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL MY BAES, and I love Revenge. Was fun playing :3
SierraTooCool: I saw my fave Jack Skellington (Maxxy) today, and he certainly remembers me that's for sure. "Lol I'm gonna call you Sierra Pun" -Max Quotes 2k15 xx
crystlefire: It was fun, glad I got to play! 

After the very exciting Revenge, Max did his usual Crack the Code game with his small question box.

The winners who knew his awesome password were:
-J-O-S-H-, crystlefire (again!!), and GabisonNights
Congrats woozens who won and played in Revenge/Crack the Code, good job! Well, it's all the time we had woozens, thanks again!

Thanks for listening!

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