Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Outfits/Objectives!

Hey guys I know I havent posted in a long time but if you aren't allowed on WoozWorld here are the new outfits! xx

Want to know when LoganWooz's party is? Well sadly you have to complete objectives b(
Follow these very steps for your chance to see..LoganWooz, Ice Queen, and ZeenaWooz
1: Go on world and type in Woozmas Beach
2: Open to see your objective.
3: See the green globe then click the ice castle.
4: You'll see a pod saying "Visit the Ice Queen if you dare" I didnt get a picture of that tho.
5: Click that pod.
6: Get a quick picture with her before she leaves!
7: Look around unitz to look for 20 little suns, I advise you to go to a unit that says "maze" thats where I found mine.
8: Go to your objective and click Surf Paradise.
9: Click the portal and you have to clean up the beach while Logan is sneezing. oh.
10: After Cleaning the beach click the green globe again then you go to WoozWorld Beach.
11: Clean up that beach! (1 beach left)
12: Once you are done cleaning head to Logan's beach and use that portal. 
14: Head to the portal  again and clean that beach. When you're done guess who comes out!?
Credits to Rosie for that photo.
15: After you are done with Zeena go to any unit and type in the chat bar "Summer Rocks!"
And you are all doneeee.
That's all for now Spies! KtotheJ signing out. Stay Kool!

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