Friday, July 3, 2015


Hi there everyone, Sierra here!
Now. as you all have heard, there are no longer Wacky Wednesdays. 
Mya's WoozIn wall did get a little crazy with the discouragement from other woozens, but do not fear amazing people, Funky Friday is here!

I know you all have also known that people had blown up Mya's wallz, but eh. It's Wacky Wednesdays, people like them. (I especially like it when they sell things that will never be sold again from them, lmao.)

(You can put on Uptown Funk if it makes you feel better.)
This is the Funky Friday, as it has brought back the Sunset Bandana Outfit from the time when the Woozband got plane wrecked at Bali while on vacation!

The boys' outfit seems pretty new, as they call the Ice Cream Man! Makes me want to go and chase down the ice cream truck that always runs around the street... But then again, I have wifi.. In a home.. Where I like to sleep.. Blah blah blah!

As you can also see in the Shopz window, in the top right corner (when on the Internet Woozworld, not the app one!) is the get wooz and buy wooz buttons, now you can get wooz by watching videos or do the payment way.

Well that's all for now woozens, see you soon!
Stay cute!

Until next time, woozens!
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