Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hi guys! Sorry, long time no post! I kinda quit, anyways, What's trippin? Kidding omg...... Okay, so, lets get started!


Ok so, here we go. This past Sunday, Star of the Week contestants showed off their best Woozen-designed styles on the WNTM Runway. “Is it cheesy if I say I luuv our new Star Luvvz‘s outfit?” gushed MyaWooz when reached for comment. “I’ve been dying for overalls like these in real all summer. And she kept the whole casual-but-cute vibe with the floral bandana and tattoo flip-flops. Don’t even get me started on her color code omg.” 
This week, JayWooz visited the Charmtastic winners of the Charmazing Unitz Design ContestAudingaAglover517sweet-vipDearCrystal and ItsSupermantt earned Charmazing Sun SymbZ for their peacefully beautiful Unitz, and as an extra surprise, everyone that submitted a valid entry to the contest received a SymbZ as well! We really felt our charma rising B)
Be sure to check out these Charmazing Unitz. Congrats to all the contest winners both this week and last! Congratulations, everyone !

Okay, Yeah, thats it. Ok. Byee, xD 

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