Sunday, July 5, 2015

VIP Unitz Weekend Special!

Hey guys, David here!
So as you all have maybe and probably noticed, there are no more ZeChic clothes in the ZeChic tab anymore, and that it only has Woozpetz and that VIP Symbz-thing-a-ma-bobber yadayadayada..

However, if you guys do become really snoopy and stuff, you will then see in Shopz under ZeChic there's a Weekend Special, what what!
(Oh, by the way, Funky Friday is still in Shopz.)
This weekend's special involves some special Unitz, including starter spaces for new woozens. So for all of you decorating woozens out there, go ahead and go buy some new Unitz for maybe the new iDesignz contest, who knows? (There's so many good unitz designers, I can't even rn..)

Well that's all for now woozens, I sound really lame at the moment. Super sorry.
Thanks for listening!

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