Friday, July 24, 2015

Funkay Friday!

Hey Hey Hey!?!?! Funky Friday is OUT!  Su kewl omg here is what Mya posted on Hot Topics: "We've been so many places this week! With the new Funky Friday BundleZ in ShopZ, you can create your own versions of Beijing, Tokyo, Uluru National Park, Mumbai, Mt. Everest and Banff National Park. Plus, keep an eye on Shopz this weekend... there may be some more treats coming soon c; xx" Lol I hope you guys Enjoy what the WoozBand Did for you guys! :) And They're transferable ;o lol! Anyways, That's all for today! Bye Bloggers/ Friends Woozens!  btw #WoozworldWoozensarekewl! #WillwefindZack?! It all depends On YOU! Would we find Zack or will we not?!?!?! If you'd ask me I would like to find Zack lol Bye!!!! -Andy

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