Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guess who's back? ;3;

   Im backk!  Yes, everyone I'm back some of you may kind of  remember me and some don't even care. But I used to post every so often, But now I'm back and ready to rock and roll. On Thursday talks with Silly I usually mention some things that are not woozworld releated. Maybe my common interests like music I like, etc. But then I get right into the juicy stuff and some drama I might have dug up in woozworld! c; Then I get into fashion tips and some interviews with some woozens Yes yes I know it might sound exciting, I will not be doing it today cause its Monday ;-;. Yes I know I suck.;c But I'm just addressing you woozens for Thursday so get excited! Woop Woop! :3, For today im going to review over some fashion tips and things I learned along the way c:.

  • Always make sure you have a color code, it defines how you are in some ways. You should always have a color code. If you don't have a color code its okay! c: Stay tuned for next Monday where I show you some color code tricks ;)
  • If you are lucky enough to have a color code, try to always wear one color code so if you caught up in crowded unit someone can spot you easily. But doesn't mean you should not shake it up once in a while and use different ones! :3
  • Never be afraid to use old items! I know the Rebel hair craze has died down, But it is still a unique adoring piece for me. I sometimes wear it too! But on rare occasions. c:
  • Raise your hands if your woozen who is a female and has more boy shirts then girl shirts. *Raises hand* Yes boys we have boy items too! A lot of females I have seen around woozworld usually wear more boy shirts then girl shirts. Not just with shirts though, pants too! Like Tobysome jeans, Hollyxooz jeans. I  love that style, I have lots of boy shirts and i usually wear them alot, So dont be afraid girls!
  • Expirement with different textures,styles, and colors! Try go in a unit with a friend or alone and look at your items, put them on and see if this item matches nicely with this, Or maybe this looks better then this. Its really fun! ;3
  • Last and final tip, BE YOUR SELF. Be comfortable in your clothing wheather its inside a virtual game like  woozworld or outside in the real world. Always be true to your self. Wear anything you want, (as long as your parents check it of course :D) You can wear the things that make you feel comfortable and happy. Be proud of your self c:. 

Signing off till next time. Whoosh! <3

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