Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hey Great News!!;3

        hey spies! great news!! im staying on woozworld spies my posting days are Thursday Friday Sunday <3 im going to be talking on the topic of new arrivals, to let you in on the feed ;) hope you enjoy my post's if im not liking the topic i'll choose differently x)
well i hope im extra help as well based on everyone's needs :D
new outfit is quite cute i'll show you it :) below after im done typing well i don't have much to say today other then the great news!!!:D and im on rosie's horse ;D i bought 60+ tiles for her yay:D sorry if this is a short post im looking forward to staying on the blog the topic will begin tomorrow enjoy !!!<3 (Sydney For Woozguide 2k15!) now for the picture it's a great outfit and great style it's classy yet chic <3 lol im gonna show now :D enjoy 

Cute Right?:D this is my sign off picture for today

Sydney Is Out xoxoxox-Syd <3

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