Monday, July 6, 2015

Interview With SOTW Star Emily365t!

Hey guys, David here again!
Yesterday, MyaWooz hosted her usual Star of the Week as the theme was: "Your favorite June outfit" and at that time I was like, "Zzzz I'm really lazy" until around 4:30 I had to rush to WNTM Runway, crie.

This week's judges panel included our very own SierraTooCool from Woozworld Spies, and she told us that it was fun to judge along with Mya!

Anyways, this week's winner turned out to be emily365t with her amazing coral light pink, as we all found out she was given three 10's!
I asked her for an interview for Woozworld Spies, and luckily she had agreed to it!

Me/Itching- Black Font
Emily365t- Coral Pink Font.. (Is it actually coral pink though? o_o)

Itching: Thank you for joining us today Emily, how do you feel about your win!
Emily365t: I feel awesome, and plus I got to meet Mya!
Itching: The judges gave you perfect scores, you received 3 10's from three of them! How did you react?
Emily365t: The judges were very kind to me, I was amazed to find out I won Star of the Week!
Itching: How did you create your awesome coral pink outfit, by the way?
Emily365t: I mixed and matched up with some black, white, and pink and thought it would be perfect to show off!
Itching: It certainly did, when you found out you won, how did you feel to have Mya in your unit and take a pic with you?
Emily365t: She was so nice, it was great to be SOTW this week!
Itching: How did you feel when going up on stage, it must have been crazy!
Emily365t: It was my first time at SOTW, and when coming to present I didn't know they would even like it, but apparently they did, yay!
Itching: Are there anything you want to say to people trying to become the next SOTW, Emily?
Emily365t: Have fun doing it c:
Itching: Now, Emily, what will do now? You completed one goal of yours apparently, what's next?
Emily365t: Hanging out, adding Jenny, Jay, and Max, and not to mention be in more things!
Itching: Thanks for joining us Emily, it was great to see you!
Emily365t: Yw, Thank you too c:

And that was our exclusive interview with emily365t, see ya guys later!
Thanks for listening!
(sign off pic made by my girlfriend will be coming soon!)

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