Monday, July 13, 2015

Interview With SOTW Star XMizSaraSparksX!

Hey guys, David here again!
Today was MyaWooz's usual Star of the Week competition, as this week's theme was "Your Favorite July Outfit!" (Almost kinda like last week's theme of "favorite june outfit" yadayadayada) and for a shocking twist, your amazing reporter here got to sneak some scores in as a judge!

This week's SOTW involved 5 judges, which were the following:
- QueenRosie1 (aka your amazing owner of Woozworld Spies)
- Oceanz (she said I smelled :()
- taye0 (the amazing fashionista!)
- AvrilaLavigna1 (the most nicest person ever lmao)
- Itching (#TheAmazingDavid)

And I was kinda amazed by Mya, because our lovely fashionable Woozband member actually remembered my name was David, which kinda freaked me out a little! Not in a bad way, I was pretty happy!
We had the show with some fun puns such as "Wow, I'm just "ITCHING" for more fashion" and some buffet food, not to mention Sammy with her huge hair.. And also, that she said I smelled :( (It's not my fault!!)
Anyways, we had a close call in this week's SOTW, they had pretty great scores (each contestant this week did good!) and I gave them scores atleast ranging from 7-10 for all of the woozens who competed!

Third place winners were ashdar359 and eh-Ther,
Second place were Goldenkist and DivaRiriRawrrxox,
and our SOTW is XMizSaraSparksX!
I took an interview with our new Star to discuss her amazing fashion statement, and of course she agreed!

Itching- Black Font
XMizSaraSparksX- Golden-Yellowish Font (I don't want the font to be too light so you guys can't see it! D:)

Itching: Congrats on your sparking win Sara!
XMizSaraSparksX: Thank you, lmao, it was fun!
Itching: How do you feel that you with your awesome neutral colors actually won this week?
XMizSaraSparksX: AMAZING! I never knew that this could actually happen to me!
Itching: Well, you technically did get a pretty good score from me especially.
Itching: You're quite welcome.. Please call me David if you could, crie. But anyways, how did you choose your neutral look?
XMizSaraSparksX: I got pretty inspired by past winners of SOTW, so I thought, "Why not give it a try too? Wouldn't hurt, I guess."
Itching: Inspired indeed! How did you react by the time you found out you were first place?
XMizSaraSparksX: I was so happy! It was my first time at SOTW and I thought I wouldn't make it!
Itching: It was my first time at SOTW as well, Sara. Lmao, I guess everyone gets lucky once in a while.
XMizSaraSparksX: Agreed!
Itching: Now that you've won with spectacular scores, what are you gonna do next?
XMizSaraSparksX: Probably do more events, make new friends, get on more often!
Itching: True words, indeed! Is there anything you want to say to people trying to become the next SOTW?
XMizSaraSparksX: Be unique!
Itching: Perfect words out of my mouth! Thanks again, Sara, and congrats!
XMizSaraSparksX: Thanks for my score and the interview! (:

So that was our interview with Sara, but before I end off, apparently we also have a Sierra and David shipper.. 
SHE SHIPS ME AND SIERRA, (and that Sierra you're too cool according to Mya yesterday, crie.) And that I'm hoping MaxWooz (that Sierra calls, "JACK SKELLINGTONN") won't take her away from me, tsk. X( Jk, I'm pretty sure he won't. But, #SAVID

Until next time, guys!

Thanks for listening!

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