Thursday, July 16, 2015

Upcoming Blog Updates!

Hey Spies! It's Rosie and I back with some upcoming blog updates! You had 2 weeks to answer the poll question and here are the results! x3

More Trial-Bloggers
  6 (33%)
More Positions Like Editor or Admin
  10 (55%)
More Contests
  6 (33%)
An Entertainment Tab (Of Fun Stuff To Do)
  7 (38%)
Tips & Tricks On Owning A Blog
  9 (50%)

In the next few days, I'll be adding most of these things! First, let me tell you about my plan for them ;o

1) More Positions Like Editor Or Admin:It seems you Spies want more participation in the blog, eh? x3 Well that can be arranged! Here are some new positions I will soon be offering:
-Advertisers: You'll be payed weekly based onhow much you advertise the blog.
-Editor: I guess we may need an editor for the header, but usually I like to do that stuff.. We'll see :)
-Admin: We can't have blog admins quite yet, but we may be able to have chat mods if you guys are into that.
2) Tips & Tricks on Owning A Blog:This I've wanted to do for a while xD In fact, I've already started ;') Once I add the summer updates, I'll be adding this page as well <3
3) An Entertainment Tab (of Fun Stuff To Do):Keeping you guys happy and excited is important! Soon I'll add a tab with gadgets and all sorts of fun things you can do when you visit us c: Probably around the Summer update xD
4) More Trial Bloggers:
A lot of people have been asking this for a while, and it's about time I did this xD Once I get the Summer update done, I'll pick new trial-bloggers. Remember when applying, the more (words) the merrier ;') And the more likely you are to get chosen, because it shows you out effort into writing, and that's what I love to find <3 Recently, I had to remove some bloggers and some trial-bloggers what to leave, so that opens up space for more new members of the Woozworld Soies family! ;'D .
5) More Contests:I guess I'll do a photo contest pretty soon c: Once we hit 25k views, I've updated the blog to the Summer theme, and I find an epic prize, we can have a contest or an event x)

After reading this, I'm sure you're all wondering "So when ARE you going to do the Summer update?" (I'm wondering that myself...) Basically once I'm done with the header I can start. <3 I'm still waiting for a few bloggers to take their header pictures, so if I messaged you, make sure you take the pic soon! I've already started on the other things and started choosing trial-bloggers, (Haven't messaged them yet, so don't worry xD) started planning the contest, started working on the entertainment tab, and started the Tips and Tricks of owning a blog. Once I have all this done (Hopefully in the next week or so), the summer update will be released :)

Thanks for bearing with me through this post xD Until next time!
xoxo ~Rosie

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