Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'll be back soon :'(

Hey guys,
Dark here I know It's late but..
I wanted to say that I'm leaving woozworld , 
I'm just leaving not quitting .
Because I am fighting deppression right now. 
-I'm deppressed because I'm Feeling Lonely

-I'm deppressed because I'm the one who always ges bullied

-I'm deppressed because my bestfriends don't care about me in real life

-I'm deppressed because I think I do not fit in everywhere. Everyone hates me , I don't know why 

I'm crying when I'm writing this ,
I'm so sorry , I can't hold back my feelings anymore.
I wanted to say thanks to:
and -AngeL-
Beause they made my woozworld life happy. I'm feeling that I belong to a family. A family that loves you wholeheartedly.

I hope I'm still a blogger again when I return here .
I'll be back as soon as possible :')

That's all for today "WoozWorld Spies"!!
Thank you for being making me a part of your family.
~Stay Sweet for me guys! I love you :*


"Sometimes you just had to smile to hide your problems" :'(

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