Thursday, July 16, 2015

VIP Style Scoop!

 Hey guys it's Rosie, and I'm back to cover the VIP Style Scoop! Let's get started! ;D
Hmm.. what could it be? WNS leaked? ;o
Or not.. xD Let's check out the outfits, make your predictions! ;D 
Outfit 1: TQEX
Hair: TQEX Undercut
Torso: TQEX Sweatshirt
Bottoms: TQEX Distressed Jeans
Feet: TQEX Studded Boots
NIce! I love the edge of this outfit, so bold and seems kinda rock-and-roll-ish. The hair definetly sends off that boldness vibe and the sweatshirt goes great with this look as well! Personally, I love distressed jeans on Woozworld, and here is yet another fabulous pair of them! Then there are the studded boots.. Which always reminds me of rock and edgy looks. I'm getting that Rock/Punk look about this xD London Punk Rock? Could that be the theme? ;o
Outfit 2: SUPRSTAR
Hair: SUPRSTAR Beanie
Torso: SUPRSTAR Crop Top
Bottoms: SUPRSTAR Zippered Shorts
Feet: SUPRSTAR Boots
<3 <3 <3 I LOVE the style! Bold, beautiful, and you don't want to mess with that style! Beanies are one of my favorite accessories and here they added an adorable beanie! x3 The top and shorts go so well together! The shirts remind me of WNS Pop shorts because of their design, but much cooler like this xD They may even become as popular! Then the boots to top off an adorable outfit <3 Still getting that Punk Rock vibe? xD What's Mya's next hint for us? ;o
Outfit 3: Gyaru
Hair: Gyaru Pigtails
Torso: Gyaru Blouse
Bottoms: Gyaru Skirt
Feet: Gyaru Lace Platforms
Aww such a doll Cx <3 This outfit is absolutely adorable with that sweetheart look! The hair is SO cute! it falls down beautifully onto that adorable blouse which matches the skirt ever-so wonderfully! Then the adorable lace platforms that remind me of being a little girl again c: This, I get a Japanese vibe from, as well as it being perfect for Jenny om <3 xD

Looks like we're getting a K-Pop intro to WNS? ;D
Outfit 4 (Boys Outfit #2) is going to be from Max's Manga Party, which makes sense because the theme is K-Pop xD Mya also recently posted that the reason for the lack of guy's outfits has been because some Fashion Team members have been on vacation the past few weeks, but things should get back to normal once we hit August! So don't worry guys of Woozworld, soon you'll have your fabulous outfits again c:
And that's when Mya took a picture break! What's an event without selfies?
That's when people wanted a sneak peak of Funky Friday, but Mya just told us that the packs are going to be EXLUSIVE ;o
(Not photographed: There will be exclusive items...)
Then, Mya was asked by Soci for his fansite (Check it out if you like xD It's also an official fansite) to describe these outfits. Here's what Mya thinks:
Very true Mya! ;o I love how they've decided to use this theme, I think it'll satisfy a lot of people's needs xD Especially since it's K-Pop, which reminds me of anime, and hey, who doesn't enjoy anime?
I can't wait for Funky Friday ether Cx Something exclusive.. what could it be? Stay tuned to find out!
That's all for now Spies! In a few days I'll be adding a bunch of a Summer updates so make sure to stay tuned! ;D
Until next time!

xoxo ~Rosie

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