Monday, July 20, 2015

Video Challenge Winners!

Hey guy´s! Princess here and today I´ve got the video challenge winners for you ;D
Jenny´s theme was dream career, I´ve always wanted to be a Fashion Designer :3 Anyway, here are the winning videos:

1. Curiosity -  Curiosity seeks a career producing entertainment - Interesting.She's an amazing editor!

2. Fluffy86 - fluffy86 will be a pop star - GOOD LUCK FLUFFYYY !! 

3. MawaddaElbanhawy -  Prom Queen MawaddaElbanhawy will judge the stars on TV! -

4. Naizswagger - naizswagger wants to be an artist - YESSSSS ARTIST! :D

5. Sweet-vip - sweet-vip- wants a future scientist! Smart girl!

So what do you guy´s think about the Video Challenge winners? I think they did amazing! x3 So many different careers. 
That´s all for now

                                                                          Keep calm and Princescajor

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