Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Colorable Day? Change-Your-Name Day?

Hey Spies! I thought today I'd take the time to talk to you guys about a concept called "Colorable day" as well as "Change-Your-Name Day thing" xD You may have seen colorable day on WoozIn (It's been there a lot lately..,) so I'm here to explain it and break it down for you guys!

What Is Colorable Day?
col·or·a·ble day
/ˈkələrəbəl/ /dā/

Noun: Colorable day is a day where all items in Woozworld become colorable for 24 hours and you can re-color them as many times as you like

Have We Ever Had It Before?
Yes, once, we accidentally (as a glitch,) had an experience similar to colorable day, where woozens were able to color any item as much as they wanted.

Woozens can change their color codes 
Woozens can re-color any rares they had that aren't in their color
Woozens can finally wear items they've always wanted to wear/have that weren't in their color code
Woozens wouldn't be able to scam for colorableness if everything was already colorable 

Colorable rares would lose their value 
The trade/sale system would be thrown off for a few hours

Are We Having It?

No one is completely sure, but the Woozband is well aware that woozens want it. A few weeks go, when we got some new updates like the VIP monthly gift, Plush came to Woozen Quests to tell us about the updates. While he was there, he also mentioned colorable day, as seen in this picture from @Strawbee
What he said:
"If if and I mean if it happens, you will know ahead of time"
 What he means:
IF IF and I mean IF (They don't know if it will yet, but it appears they have considered it) you will know ahead of time (They will make sure to let us know about it before it actually happens)  

Now check out this picture from just a few minutes ago! The woozen Strange-- has asked Jenny about it, she asks:
"I know there is a small possibility you would answer this but, there was a rumor going around about a colorable day, and I just wanted to know if it was true? Thanks a lot if you do answer! -Strange" 
And Jenny replies: 
"We don't have one planned for now, sorry Strange! x(" 

What Does This Mean?! 
This means that as of now, it has been confirmed that:
1) The Woozband KNOWS about colorable day and has heard our pleads
2) A colorable day IS NOT going to be made anytime SOON sadly, because they don't have anything planned ;/
We can't blame Woozworld though, who knows what may happen! x) We just gotta wait and see what they decide is best for us ;p

Now for our second topic, Change-Your-Name Day thing XD Basically, this is just a day where we all get to change our names, pretty self explanatory, so I won't be breaking it down step-by-step like with colorable day. :P While on Mya's wallz a few weeks ago, this post caught my eye:
AshelyBoo00 asked: "Mya, could there be a day where we can change our names? I dont like mine"
And Mya replies: "unfortunately probably not. People come to know by this username; it'd be too confusing for everyone to change it :'c"

 In my opinion, this would also be too hectic and Mya made the right choice! It would be very very difficult to arrange as well! x_x But hey, we never know what may happen! Keep your eyes peeled for the future!

Well that's your little "Current Events in Woozworld" situation with me XD Thanks for reading!
Until next time when I find more things to tell you guys!
xoxo ~Rosie

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