Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Outfit (July Outfits) Ideas - Boys and Girls

Hello my little fishes! Guess who's back? Me! Oh, wait.. you haven't reached the bottom so don't know who it's by...


Anyway, today's blog I'm going to be showing you some new outfits (or the outfit of this month; July)

For boys the outfits include:

Julyan; Don't Have
Berlinning; Don't Have
and Milance; Don't Have

For girls the outfits include:

Pairsque; Don't Have
Londoness; Don't Have

So ya! Let's get started! Of course, ladies first!

This outfit is made of the two (2) of the the July outfits.

Hair: Julyana Side Ponytail
Top: Julyana Peter Pan Tank
Pants: Sandrine Wrap Skirt   Shoes: Sandrine Sea Star Sandals

How I thought of this outfit: Originally I was going to use this outfit with the "BestOverall shorts by HinamoriAmuBest" for the pants. But when I put this skirt on with that top, I fell in love with it. I also noticed that the "Julyana Side Ponytail" and the "Sandrine Sea Star Sandals" match flawlessly.

Next outfit will be a boy outfit and it's:

This outfit is 75% made out of the TQEX outfit.

Hair: Movz Headphones by Dr. J
Top: TQEX Sweatshirt
Pants: TQEX Distressed Jeans
Shoes: TQEX Studded Boots

How I thought of this outfit: The TQEX outfit was based off a music group in the genre (no one knows which one) but it's based off K-Pop. What is K-Pop? K-Pop is Korean Pop. Anyway, since K-Pop is music and headphones are related to music, I thought "Hey, why not?" It works perfectly, as you can see.

The third outfit (last girl outfit) is:

This outfit is made out of a VIP gift from a few days ago and outfits from the East Asian themed outfits.

Hair: [VIP] Long Lush Looks
Top: Gyaru Blouse
Pants: Suprstar Zipped Shorts
Shoes: Gyaru Lace Platforms

How I thought of this outfit: I usually wear the top, pants, and shoes together all the time with any hair that looks cute with it. Plus same with the first boy's outfit; the top, pants, and shoes are inspired by K-Pop.

The last outfit (last boy outfit) is:

This outfit contains 3 items of the July outfits.

Hair: TQEX Undercut
Top: Finn Tank Top
Pants: Surferadical Shorts by 
Shoes: Finn Sandals

How I thought of this outfit: The top and shoes are part of the same outfit, so I would wear that. The hair can be this hair or the "Movz Headphones by Dr. J" but I like this hair better. Same thing with the hair; except this one and the "Arizonawe Shorts by Tunere".

So ya, hope you enjoyed this blog and I hope this helps. By the way, I'm sorry that I don't have some of the outfits; but if you do; feel free to mix and match!

Bye guys! Stay safe, have fun!

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