Monday, August 3, 2015

EDITING TIPS - How To Edit A Youtube Video

hi everyone! anjanette here again and today i'm going to be showing you how to edit youtube videos the correct way and keep your viewers and views up! i'm posting again because i wanted to post something before i go on my trip tomorrow (AUGUST 3) for a family trip!

Windows Movie Maker / Movie Maker
Sony Vegas

TIP 1 - music
if you are doing a video with audio of you talking or not, use background music! i like to use NIGHTCORE music! it's a type of pitched music and it's actually pretty addictive and great for using as background music to avoid copyright. to get music, go on youtube and find a nightcore video you like, then copy the link and go to an mp3 converter site and paste the link into whatever is there, and it will give you the option to download it. (NOTE - please make sure to GIVE CREDIT to whoever made the nightcore.)

TIP 2 - use good editing applications
if you are lucky enough to be able to buy any good editing application, i recommend sony vegas or anything. but if you can't, use the free application called Windows Movie Maker or Movie Maker. it works very nice and does the job for simple videos! but, i do recommend a demo or full sony vegas app for making lyric videos or music videos.

TIP 3 - good recorder + good microphone
another great tip is using a good recording app such as screencast-o-matic, ezvid, bandicam, hypercam, etc. those are great ones except bandicam, screencast, and ezvid have a watermark at the corners of the actual video. if you like talking in your videos, use a microphone! it helps scratch out background noise and only record your actual voice if you get an actual microphone. but, don't just buy a hundred-dollar microphone for one video, you can even use the iphone headphones as a microphone or any headphones with a built-in microphone.

that's it for today and i hope you use these tips to help make your videos a bit better! ily all and ty for visiting Woozworld Spies, this was miley547y and have a great day.

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