Monday, August 3, 2015

How To Do A WoozWorld Edit

Hey guy's! It's princess and today I have a video I put together for you ;o I actually had to do one for my blog because it was a request and so I decided to have it as a post on here c: 
A lot of people have been asking me if I could to an editing tutorial and on WoozWorld Spies I post about news, fashion and Tutorials but I've been focusing mostly on WoozWorld news so this is my first tutorial c;
Here's the video:

Tell me, did you like that video? :) If you wan't more videos like this be sure to message me (Princescajor) On WoozWorld asking for tutorial video's.
This post was actually just going to be the video but I guess since it's a bit short I'll show you guy's some of the outfits I put together this week! :D (Also my first time posting about fashion)

1. I call this outfit ''Untitled'' (Yeah I'm bad at naming things) I actually came up with this outfit last week for SOTW since the theme was asian, I was wearing heartva pigtails instead. And since heartva pigtails in my opinion is a bit over the top I just swapped the hair for urban blossom hair.

What I have on:
Urban blossom hair
heart sweater
Manga skirt
Special OPS boots

2. (last one) I call this fresh mint ;o Yay, I came up with a name :3 Even though this isn't my colour code I love this outfit that I came up with in 2 minutes xD
What I have on:
Tank top 
Slim jeans
RockStar collection boots.

Were the outfits nice? :3 And did you guy's like the video? :D Please tell me in the Chat Box.
That's all for now!
                           Keep calm and Princescajor!

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