Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello Spies! Zackwooz

Hey Spies, I have accomplished something I thought I never would of Done.  I have Made a Blog w/ my cousin here is the URL: click here And that is my blog and I hope you apply for that as you Stay on Woozworld Spies  ZackWooz is no more! It is Now KOUNTVONKLOKZ!  We didn't make It in time :c
I kinda liked *ZackWooz lack-of-gentleman But Zeena turn him like this is he back with Zeena or does he still have feelings for jenny o LOL  And on the other hand
That's all for Now! -Andy

This timebot omg!
ZackWooz might come back but til then We have some Moving-On Stuff to Do XD

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