Saturday, August 1, 2015

WooPet Of The Week!

Hey guy's! It's Princess and Today I have some exciting news! cx Woopet of the week! I took pictures of every single pet except one xc I'm so sorry that I missed one. There was a girl with a giant Jenny head in the way u.u So I screen shot it and I also did QueenRosie1's pet screen shot so I lost it :/ But they were going to Ireland xD Anyways here are the pets:

First up QueenRosie1's Adorable pet Rex!! I love how they were matching and ready to set sail x3 (Btw I didn't get all of the pet's names or owners names D;) Probably only Rosies xD
This one is so unique x3 I'm in love with the colour of the elephant it's a lovely shae of pink-ish purple :D I also like the way she's got a ribbon tied up in her hair xD And also on her tail. In my words she looks adorable.

This one is also unique and simple, you can tell by the hat that He/she is going to France! xD (You will see a lot of france entries) I like that the hat is red because it matches the colour of the monkey. I also LOVE purple. My favorite colour x3 And by the looks of the monkey's face he/she either isn't happy with going to France or having they're picture taken.

The owner of his pet is Resolute (Yay I remembered) I'm proud of myself :´) Anyway.. Resolute actually had a little act going on xD She started off dressed evil with a devil pet and they were going to take over the world but then she met the queen (That monkey) And they wen't to Disney land :D That's actually cool xD I love that the monkey has a crown and everything x3

Heres another entry to go to France :D We had a lot of France lovers today. I love that the owner kept the monkeys skin colour brown and that the outfit was black. It lookes nice and simple x3 
This one is nice and simple as well x3 A white elephant wearing a bow in her hair and on her tail. Keeping it simple is exactly what I would to :D
OMG I hate to pick favorites but this one of course was one of my favorite entries ;D He's going off on a hot air balloon! So unique and the colour of the outfit is beautifull.
Again I hate to pick favorites but this one might actually be my favorite next to Rosies one. I got a picture when she blew water up in the air x3 I was trying to get that for ages xD I'm in love with the colours and it's just so pretty!! I love ittttttttttt give me the pet! D; Ok so that happened.. '.' Anyway it's adorable and thats it. xD
Simple4life!! xD This one is simple but at the same time adorcable (Even though that isn't a word) 
Why are they all so cute?!?! This one is adorable x3 I love the colour I think it's like a red-ish brown colour :D Also the spots look nice and the hat is so cute. 
We have another France fan! x3 I love this outfit because of the hat is black and the top has got black stripes and purple-ish blue stripes witch stand out :D
Aww! This ones so cute x3 I got the picture while she was hiding behind the judges! ;o Sneeky little one. Theres actually not much to say about this one but I do like the mint colour of the skin. I do find it a bit weird that the hairs mint as well xD But its original c;

Hehehe!!! You probably know by now that I love this one because its.....PURPLE!!! Purple shall rule! :D Anyway another one of to France! ;o I hope France has a lot of hotels xD

I think this one was going off to Italy. I'm actually not sure because I wen't in the pool after the show x3 But I caught the pet lying down crie. It's angry about going to another country D; But that fedora is so cute!!! And the monkey is......PURPLE!!! Ok so we've established that I love purple :3
I think this pet was going to Italy.. xD I'm not sure. But again I'm sorry about someones head being in the picture xD It's just that the girl with the giant Jenny head wouldn't move =.= And this pet is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! I love that its black and White and it's got a little bird on his head :3 So cuteeeeee. And after mentioning the bird I just remembered that this pet is going everywhere xD That's what the owner said :3

And now for the winner. The winner is.................. Casanova!! The owner of this WooPet is RecklessCharms c: Here's the pet:
I love that it's black and white and just a normal brown monkey c: RecklessCharms said that Casanova was wearing stripes to go to jail xD So cute! :3

That's all for now!
                         Keep calm and Princescajor!

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