Friday, September 25, 2015

Outfit Reviews!

Hey guy's! It's Princess and well I just started doing outfit review post's for another blog and I really enjoy doing it so Rosie said I can do outfit review posts for WoozWorld Spies! ;D Today I am going to be reviewing the new outfits. (Thank you Rosie for letting me take the pictures of your outfits)

Hair: I like the hair it's a type of messy hairstyle but I think it would look a lot better if it din't have the headband.
Top: I like the top. It's not really my style but for other people it's nice. I think the colours are also nice because Red and Blue go together perfectly. The only thing I don't really like is that you can see on the bottom of the sleeves there's a shirt underneath..
Skirt: I'm not sure if I like the skirt that much because the outfit is clearly a cropped jumper/sweater and its got a jumper/sweater tied around the skirt... But if it was with another top I think it could look a lot nicer.
Shoes: I really like the long socks that these type of wedge heels have, it brings the outfit together nicely.

Hair: I do really like the hair for other people. It's not my style because I don't like short hair that much but that's my opinion. I like that at the top of the hair t's got it pulled back then it's got a cute little bow.
Top: I LOVE the top because (Even though we're not talking about the shorts) It goes into short of a jumpsuit and it looks SO nice and also the cardigan it's lacy I think but the colours also they're really nice.
Shorts: Again, I LOVE the shorts because of it joining up into a jumpsuit but without that top it turns out to be like high wasted.
Shoes: I'm not a fan of the shoes.. xD I don't really like it because it's not my style I guess but for other people it's nice x3

That's all of them! Sorry I couldn't get the Boy outfits I asked Rosie if I could take pictures of her outfits and so I didn't get any pictures of the Boy ones also it's late.
That's all for now!
                           Keep calm and Princescajor!

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