Monday, October 19, 2015

Bite-tastic DIY Editing For Backgrounds (Beginner)

Hey Spies! It's trial blogger Chrissy! For today's blog post, I'll be showing you how to make a super cute but easy DIY edit for your background of your computer, laptop, phone, etc. Without further ado... I SHALL- I sound too olden day ;-; Ok. I'll start now x):

1. Pick out a halloween background on google images and snapshot/ screenshot it (I settled myself on this one because its pink and halloween theme.  *gasp* Talk about a match made in heaven! 'O')

2. Snapshot/Screenshot your woozin in a unitz (make sure that theres no pattern to the wall or floor!)

3. Go on Pixlr (or any editing web or app your familiar with Cx) and remove the background, your background should turn into a grey checkerboard pattern)

If your on Pixlr select wand (magic *.*) tool.

Then, click your background.

Click the corner folded paper.

After that, double click the lock to "unlock the layer" Then press delete on your keyboard. Save the image onto your files by clicking the 'X' then move your cursor to save and click.

3. (I'm using Paint 2) Add the background first then your woozin to the canvas. I added some text boxes x3 words are fun hehe...

and there we are! We're done the background *does the 'I Did It' dance* o3o. That reminds me... must buy..... pumpkin sherbet... ;-; well first I have to figure out a good spooky sign off phrase... trick or treat? o-o Wait I got it :D Have a biting day Spies! Chrissy the Pink Cat is signing off! CX

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