Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Ghoul Investigation

Hey guys! It's Sarah with some exciting news! I'm now an official blogger!!

My most popular post by far was My Clique Investigation, so I decided to do another Investigation post! The ghouls are like the cliques in the sense that you can only choose one ghoul per account. (Until November 2) It's my ghoul to continue this Investigation series, so I guess I will actually make real accounts this time to use for my other investigations.

If you're asking yourself, "What ghoul should I join?" you've come to the right place!

Let's talk about how this promotion is called "Ghouls". Am I annoyed at the title because:
           A) Ghouls are their own Hallowween "monster"
           B) Ghouls isn't in any way used by Woozworld as a promotional pun.
               (My pun, however was comedy ghoul-d.)
           C) It's not a very ghoul word choice.
                (Someone get me some butter cause I'm on a roll!)
           D) All of the above

Answer: D.

I am actually surprised that this Hallowween they decided to do a four-way promotion. Usually it is just two, like Vampirz vs. Werewolvz, or Ghosts vs. Humans, or something like that. I guess they just wanted to make spies like myself do more work. :(

So without farther ado, let the games begin!

Ghoul #1: Mummy

I strongly dislike this promotion. Why you might ask? Because when I went into the mummy ghoul, it was just a room. One room with a bunch of people, a "transform back into a mummy" ATM, and an annoying cat sound, and I couldn't figure out who it was coming from. It could've been a Woozen, or it could've been the room itself that was meowing.

This is the only good picture I got, and it was way harder than should have been to be to capture:

Now let's ZOOM out a little:

I had to go back for that picture and those two girls would not move away from the coffin. (Egyptian coffins are called something else, but I forget what. It's like carsophagus or something. Idk. I'm too lazy to Google right now.)

Ghoul #2: Vampire

I saw a few vampires in the mummy ghoul, and I thought that I might be able to invade their ghoul as well. Technically, I did invade their ghoul, but I couldn't be a vampire. I also learned a nifty piece of information. Apparently, the ghoul with the most people by Hallowween will win. I don't know what they will win, but that would've been nice to know before I became a mummy, rather than the more popular vampire.

Anyways, I said I would make a new account and I did. Introducing Investigator2! (Creative name, I know)

Investigator2 became a vampire, and let me tell you, the queue took forever. I updated my phone to iOS 9.1 before I got into that Unitz, and this was at 12:30 AM.

I took a coffin picture to keep parallel structure with the mummy ghoul.

I hate that the vampire costume straightens your hair TBH, and that face is all vampire as well.

Here's the room pic:

Yay! We can move on.

Ghoul #3: Goblin

Just for fun, I decided to make Investigator3 goth. My first impression of the goblin ghoul: empty. There were like seven Woozens, and they all were goblins. Meaning that no one outside of the goblin ghoul wanted to visit.

Here is my individual pic:

Then someone had the nerve to mummify me! So I had to use this orange machine to go back to being a goblin.

Thanks, orange machine.

This stupid Woozen list got in the way of my room pic. So congrats to these people, you just got a free shoutout because I tried like six times and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it.

Ghoul #4: Frank

I decided to make Investigator4 a male just for fun. Upon creating the account, I discovered as a follow up to my Making a New Account? post that boys have different room choices than girls.

Anyways, I went to the Frank ghoul (Fun Fact: Woozworld can't say "Frankenstein" because it's copyrighted) and discovered that it was even less popular than the goblin ghoul. I went on at 4:40 PM because I decided to sleep after my goblin investigation. At that time, there were only six Woozens in the ghoul. It was practically the same thing as the goblin ghoul, where everyone there was a goblin rather than another ghoul.

Even worse, the only thing I could take a picture by was this tree.

Since I know this blog is read more dominantly by female readers, I went back and made a female Investigator4 and the male investigator became Investigator5.

This way, you could see what the female costumes look like.

Here's the Unitz, which reminds me of Lib Street, TBH.

Again, I couldn't move the box, so these people are the lucky winners of a free shoutout.

My overall thoughts are that you should go with the vampire ghoul in order to win. I also believe that the ghouls go from most popular to least popular in this order: Vampire, Mummy, Goblin, Frank. Last time I said choose the clique that best fits you, and this time I'm saying go with the vampire. Please take my advice.

Also, I tried this whole "Geronimo Stilton" thing with my post and the individually colored words. If you like it, and want me to continue doing it, please rate this post as helpful. If you didn't like it, rate it as interesting. I will take the advice of the winning rating.

Signing off, I'm SarahWooz: Official Blogger!


  1. That woozin box thing happens a lot to me when I attempt to take a screen shot it happens when ever you click 'shift'. Just click a random place on the page (it works for me). oh and btw congrats on becoming a Official Blogger :)

    1. Thanks Chrissy! And thanks for the advice on how to get the box out of the way :)