Friday, November 27, 2015

Apologies & WNTM Event of the Year Coverage!

Hey Spies! It's Rosie, and gosh it's been a forever and a half! First off I would like to deeply apologize for the lack of posts, a lot of us have been busy with school, but I'm gonna work hard to constantly look for new and excited bloggers to join our team! Now that that's been said, time to talk about a topic near and dear to our hearts, Mya's especially..


I'm sure you all have been hard at work to gain Fanz for the yearly WNTM (Woozworld's Next Top Model) The final event was held on Friday, November 17th, costing 1,000 wooz per entrance. I made sure to go to the event to cover the whole thing for you spies! ^-^
During the event, we had an awesome guess appearance! Mod445/Pickles! (Aka, the fabulous designer of all that is kawaii and amazing on Woozworld) The wonderful mod answered some questions given by the hosts (Mya and Jay) as well as some woozens.

Mya started off by asking about the process of designing an outfit
Pickles: We usually start by doing a to of research based on the theme we're working with. We look through magazines, tumblr, blogs, fashion websites, designers, collections, music videos, everywhere for inspiration. We then put together our ideas and make a sketch of the outfit. After that we start designing the outfit in many different angles to be put into Woozworld! We use Adobe Flash to design the final outfit, and we use Wacom tablets to hand-draw on the computer.

Mya: In Woozworld, do you prefer to design unitz, furniture, clothes, woopets...
Pickles: Everythign is really fun because they're very different. Since we draw a lot of clothes, it's fun to do Unitz and Furniture too because they're so different. 

Mya: I must say, Pickles, you're looking absolutely fabulous. Do you have a favorite garment that you've created?
Pickles: We really love outfits designed by woozens too, they're so original and inspired! It feels nice to collaborate between artists :) 

Mya: When did you know you wanted to be an artists, professionally? 
Pickles: I've always drawn, so it felt like the most natural path to take. (I also hated math so I wanted to do the opposite, lol!) I guess I always wanted to be an artist.

Mya: When did you start working at Woozworld as an artist? What kind of art/work were you doing before you started?
Pickles: Some of us artists started here when Woozworld started :)! And I've been here almost four years, before this, I was drawing a lot of comics and fashion-related artwork! 
Mya: Lol, combining my interest and Max's c; But were you working professionally when you started here?
Pickles: I was, but in a completely different field! I was also doing a lot of small little art jobs here and there, freelancing! Woozworld has been the most fun!

Mya: What's your favorite thing to draw, or style of drawing?
Pickles: I like to draw people a lot; cartoons and anime, and chibis.
Mya: It's true, guys, Pickles here draws the most adorable sketches when we're planning outfits!

After that lovely question session, Mya gave us a treat and showed us one of the new outfits next Week! Called, Snowfleek. Made and modeled by Pickles herself!

A preview of the upcoming boy outfit was also provided on Instagram, as shown here: 

Afterwards, Pickles took some questions from the woozens in the audience! 

Mayab322: What's your favorite step in the designing process?
Pickles: Well my personal favorite step :), is rendering out the outfit for the first time. Really getting to see what it will look like in game!
Jay: When you say, "rendering," do you mean in Flash? 
Pickles: Ah yes, rendering in Flash. Drawing out the final outfit. 

Blueberrypink: What job do you pick if you want to be an artist, like to start out with? 
Pickles: We study really hard at first in illustration or design. And then you find work you really want to do. I really wanted to draw for a game or for fashion :)!

Ollie93: What drawing technique do you use for hair and clothes?
Pickles: Well personally I'm very inspired by anime and real life so a lot of those techniques come from those. Cell shading.
Ollie then asked what specific tablet they use for drawing.
Pickles: We use Wacom Intuos : )

Thats all they had time for! But Mya also recommended posting any more questions on they're Instagram, @woozworldartists. 

At long last, the winners of WNTM were announced! The top 5 were:
1) Gorgeouschiqq (Overall winner) 
2) Colours
3) Wziefs
4) Stacy164
5) Resolute

Congratulations to everyone, and to everyone who participated, don't worry if you didn't win, Mya was very proud of all of you, even if you were like me and failed to make it to 250k Fanz.. xD That wraps up the event! Thanks for reading her at Woozworld Spies, until next time! ^-^


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