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Woozworld Scandal: Items Becoming Less Rare?

Hey Spies, meganisawesome3 here. Long time no... type... xD? Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your Turkey Day is going or went well, depending on the time you're seeing this. I'm currently in Chicago visiting family for this glorious holiday.

But enough about me. I wanna start by saying, I haven't really done a "Woozworld Related Post" in a while (I've been doing DIY's and Essential Guides x)). And I thought it was finally time for me to get my opinion about this out there, because it's been going on for a while and has been getting on my nerves. Slightly because I can't seem to make a trade anymore xD.

No offense to Woozworld or anything, but they seem to be reusing old Woozworld items in new outfits (or recreating the items into something "totally cool and brand new!" ;-;). Or even have a "theme" and bring back old, rare, outfits. They even combine previous items not from the same collection together (though some of the looks aren't terrible).
Notice the WNS Pop Shorts?

I don't know if anyone remembers the major hacking going on in Woozworld about a year ago. It was when a bunch of blonde Pixel Bow Hair's were duplicated? Yeah... sorry to bring back that horror of that being the only thing traded to you for about a month. Pixel hair used to be the most desired hair on Woozworld until this happened. Now, some Pixel hairs barely go for 1k beex. Bye-bye, Pixel hair!

With Woozworld bringing back these rare items in Shopz, (Example: Esqueleta hair, Dolloween face, ETC). There is more of an abundance, and it is easier to get these items. Which actually makes the rarity go DOWN. It's all about supply and demand. With things becoming easier to get, it makes them less valuable to Woozens. Causing the price in the MarketPlace to drop dramatically. I even believe the lowest Esqueleta hair on the market is around 40k. To give you a perspective, the average price used to be about 200k :).

During Halloween time, when LOADS of Dolloween face's were sold, they were desired (majorly) but when November came around, the value dropped dramatically. Again, it's all about supply and demand.

I know this seems like a rant towards Woozworld (which it kinda is...), but I'm sure many of you can feel the same way about this. Come on.... you know it's true.

I would like to say, I'm a big believer in the fact that "they're just virtual, online items, and they shouldn't be ranked due to looks". But it is frustrating to be in this virtual society, where very little believe the same and put a high price on items, then you're stuck in the vortex of what's rare and what's not rare, so you just have to deal with this norm. You're forced to be judged on what's "worth something and what's not worth something". Please everyone, open your eyes and see every item as an equal value.

But just because an abundance of previous "ultra-rare" items are coming out, doesn't mean that some of the items won't remain rare. I do remember when WNS Shorts were brought back, and there was a big rave. I even believe that they have become more popular than before. I have also noticed with WNTM (which also frustrates me with the items in there) that Comfymas hair is still quite rare.

In Woozworld language, a rare item is something that is cute and exclusive and something that everyone else is putting a high price on. But in reality, if you check Google, the definition of "rare" is: (of a thing) not found in large numbers and consequently of interest or value. And to be honest, there is a large abundance of "rare items" on Woozworld.

So why are they called rare?

Again, I believe in the fact that they are just virtual game items and they shouldn't really matter. But obviously people hold on to them as prized possessions. I think that Urbanz (Yeti) boots are super cute, but why aren't they rare? Because no one else sees it that way. 

I also did a post a while back, talking about the "rarest things on Woozworld" at the time, and now, with some of the items, I'm not so sure. I think I would revoke some of my options based on this new norm. 

Here's a link to the post:

This post is nothing to get mad about because it is simply my opinion, and I'm sure all of you could agree or at least relate to this post. Don't be a dummy, they're virtual items.

Thanks guys, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Signing off, 

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