Monday, November 9, 2015

#LetsTalkCoffee: How's It Like To Be Shipped

Hey Spies, David here!
Yeah yeah, I know, I have understood the, "DAVID WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!" on Woozworld Spies. I don't even know what I was doing. Yeah, I'm an active Woozworld player but still. I forgot why I didn't blog cri. Anyways, you're probably asking why (when you scrolled through the blog) or probably not asking why I took a selfie with a Yeti with a Starbucks cup costume (even though I cropped out the Yeti by A LOT)

Sierra used to do #CoffeeTalkWithSierra on the blog but yesterday while me and her were talking and chatting about random stuff, she soon asked if I could start doing coffee talk for her. We managed to get to a point where we will be renaming it #LetsTalkCoffee where both either me or Sierra will be talking about a random Woozworld topic. (Does it sound like a legit couples' thing? Yeah yeah yeah byeee) Sierra's supposed to be editing a new #LetsTalkCoffee photo but she'll post it soon.

To restart the Woozworld Spies #CoffeeTalk, on Friday I did get an interesting surprise on the Woozworld Blog itself:
Oh god. Sierra and I was the second Ship of the Week on Wooz Weekly. At first I was completely freaked out because Sierra didn't even tell me that we were! But to be honest I really felt actually happier to be with Sierra after finishing reading the article. She makes me happy, and I make her happy. What can I say, guys? (According to what Sierra told me, make sure you guys ALWAYS check your messages, you never know when you're going to get a message from Woozarazzi about being the next chosen couple!)

Some woozens recently asked me and Sierra this really odd question, "What's it like to be shipped by people, including Woozband and Woozworld?" I don't really know what Sierra would say about this but I can answer on my behalf.

What's it like being shipped?
Well, I do remember when me and Sierra first started out, when people would ship you and someone else, that is when people would bring up the "Are you both dating" question. In the beginning, you will come up to that question, A LOT. Here's a few tips that I basically keep track in my mind when it comes to dating/being shipped.

1.) Just go with the flow.
When getting shipped, just go with it. Be polite with everyone. It's rude if you throw an insult at someone when they're shipping you, because uh.. It's kinda a special moment to be shipped with someone.

2.) Rocky obstacles can be on the path.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend will have those days where they will make you smile and that you will make them smile. Me and Sierra first were rocky, but we passed through all the crazies and even though we still experience them sometimes that's okay. As long as you love them and they love you, you're good.

3.) Their friends will become your friends.
Sierra has A LOT of friends. I've now met some really good best friends of mine that are friends with her. Your lover will basically have people that have her back and soon have yours as well. If you guys really didn't peek at the Wooz Weekly, Sierra had told Woozarazzi she accepted all friend requests. Yeah, she has like I don't know... 23 wives? But no matter she loves me anyways.

4.) Just have fun.
Go to Eventz (Can we suggest Jay and Mya?) and have fun with them. Sierra always asked me to come with her when it comes to Jay's and Mya's. Yes, she may act a bit weird when it comes to Jay's events but I just love seeing Sierra's fun side, so I just throw out my fun side too. Don't listen to the haters, listen to your heart. Be happy. Be joyful. Love yourself. Everything's a roller coaster.

5.) Stay chill.
Be the coolest woozen you could ever be.
Because eh, why not.

So that's basically it I guess for #LetsTalkCoffee. Until next time, yo.

*New Sign Off Soon*

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