Saturday, July 2, 2016

Progress + Updates

Hey Spies! I just wanted to alert you all of the current progress to updating Woozworld Spies and give you some quick updates. Currently, everything is done except the header and the new bloggers, and I'll be moving onto those two this week to fix them up!

Also, thank you all for your patience through all this and the giveaway will be back before you know it!

But really, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WAITING THIS OUT! As you may have known, the blog was inaccessible for two months, so that put a major backtrack to our plans. During that time, many bloggers got too busy so now a lot has to be redone.

I am doing my best to fix this up for you! Sadly, getting on Woozworld is really hard for me at the moment because of my laptop. Hopefully I can access it again without a massive lag attack soon, and once I do I will hurry up with that header! (Seriously, it's been like 6 months??)

For the topic of the giveaway, it may take a bit longer, but it will happen! I just need to get everything else ready first. Once I have it all in place, I'll have to find some new items to be suitable prizes. If you want to donate anything by any chance, feel free by messaging me (QueenRosie1) on Woozworld! (If you do that would be utterly amazing <3)

So once again, I AM TRULY SORRY! I will try to find a way to get back on Woozworld ASAP! Then we'll choose new bloggers and fix the header and add new pages and all that~ So thank you thank you thank you for being so patient, and it will all be worth it shortly!

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