Thursday, November 5, 2015




Hey guys, I'm back (Cooly). I have big news to tell you. A while back I made a post saying "Scammer Alert- Be Careful". Basically, there was a scammer by the name of "zayneb5". She quitter a month after that post, which was good. But.... she's back. I'm currently at her unit. Here's a pic:


I just finished watching her scam. This week's victim was
"cooljazzluvv". She was allowed to pick 4 mannis, which she did. She left before unlocking them. 

I was able to get an interview with cooljazzluvv!

Me: Hi Jazz, I heard you were a part of a scamming.
Jazz: Yes I was.
Me: Can you explain?
Jazz: Ya, I came to play and for me, I thought it would be it was a scam, but I continued anyway. I was playing for my sister.
Me: Ah I see, I heard you were one of the victims, is it true?
Jazz: Yes.
Me: Well then, did you get anything taken away?
Jazz: Not really. But saying "You win 4 mannis" was a total scam.
Me: That's good to hear. But do you have any advice to those who meet her or any scammer in general?
Jazz: Ya, block him/her and ignore what he/she says and what she does.
Me: Well thank you so much.
Jazz:No problem. Also, she can't hack you, unless you give away your info.
Me: That's true. Well thanks for coming.
Jazz: No problem.

There you have it, from Jazz and I. Also, there were a few others who were there. Here's a few: Nickiminajbae, cooljazzluvv, MissKaraa, and I. Have a great day, and be safe! Report and block those scammers. Stay in tune (Cooly-BackUp)

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