Sunday, January 10, 2016

I'm Back; New Garments In Shopz; Similar Hair

Ello Spies. It's Chrissy! Ik I said that I would take a "long" pause but I realized I was being really dumb just to leave all my WoozWorld responsibilities to moan over a couple of rares. Yea... I'm really indecisive but what can I do about it e.e. Anyways, I'm really sorry that I either made you guys worried, mad, or a bit confused. (Shoutout to Rosie who really understood my problem and let me take the break XP). Anyways, enough about my problems and lets move onto my post! I was just scrolling along the Shopz one day and then I came across this kawaii-ness >.<:

and I started wondering, "Hey isn't there suppose to be more?", so I decided to check it out and I came across many different new garments to wear (sadly you have to purchase them all with wooz ;O;). Heres the entire page(s) of clothing you can grab for yourself XD:

Pretty cute right? C: But wait... some things look REAAAALLLLLLLLYYY similar:

(Credits to blogger Sarah for the Goul-a-ween err however you spell it 2k15 pic XD)

(The only difference in these hairs is the puppy and that the lower/ Robyn hair is two toned)

(Not only that they look pretty similar the names are practically the same as well)

WoozWorld has done it again O_O they have recycled old items and made them into "New" ones. I'm not really ranting or complaining but this isn't the first time they've done it (Again, I don't mind because they recycled it into really nice clothing/garments). I believe many people wanted the ZeChic head phoned hair (IDK what it's called u.u) wanted it to become a "girls" version as well so TYSM WoozWorld for giving us a girls/longer hair version >.<. Well signing off. Keep calm and stay like a cookie (even in the freezing weather outside ;-;).

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